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We need to record one way queries of our customer. Please provide me some ideas on how to achieve this.

Scenario: Customer calls the number and IVR receives the phone. After customer chooses the number (eg. 9) to get the complain recorded for further follow up; the customer tells about his complain which needs to be recorded. So in this recording, we would prefer to hear the complain only, not the whole ivr process. Please suggest here!

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By default FreePBX only records a call once the channel joined a bridge. So sending this call to a voicemail box should not result in getting recorded.

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… and you want, in this case, to send the call to a voicemail box without instructions (or with custom instructions) by sending the call to extension “*{whatever}” (star extension).

This gives you the added benefit of being able to direct the call to a specific extension or person (or group) without having to do a lot of custom code.

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Thank You for the reply! Can you help me on how to send a call to voicemail from IVR? I am new to this and could not send call to voicemail. Whenever the customer chooses to record their queries, the voicemail should be reached. Please suggest.

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Hello @PitzKey, Thank you for your reply! I am new to FreePBX and its a wonderful community here!


send the call to *${EXTEN} (direct to voicemail) . Or perhaps send to MixMonitor() with the -m(1234@default/folder) option to bypass greetings and menus.

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When you set up the IVR, there is a place at the bottom where you put in your choices (1, 2, 3, etc.) and each has a destination. If you look in the list of possible destinations, there should be an entry for “Voicemail” and an “extension, no message” or something like that. That would be super simple and easy for your people to pick up.

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