Record over extension

When trying to record a system recording over an extension, the extension rings and my interface recognizes the extension has been answered. It states “recording is in progress, please hang up when finished”.

Upon hanging up, the recording does not finish. The system thinks the call is still active and BLF lights on other phones are even showing red for an active call. The call event log shows the call was hung up but the call won’t terminate in order to save the audio file. I’m just looking for the system to recognize the hand set has been hung up.

I’ve never seen this on other pbx systems I’ve worked with.

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have an “EndCall” button?

Yes, I’ve tried ending the “call” multiple ways but the pbx just doesn’t seem to recognize the recording should end.

I’ve seen this problem before, but it’s literally been years (like maybe 8 to 10) since the last time.

For some reason, the system is not recognizing the hang-up signal from the phone. What kind of phone is it?

Sangoma S500. Updated firmware. Made sure all the modules were up to date. Tried on different extensions and different browsers. No luck so far.

You get free commercial support for Sangma phones. Have you tried calling them?