Record Keypad

Hello. I was wondering if it’s possible to record the Keypad and get it as text.

What I mean is I want to implement some functions to my calls, for example if customers select option *1 they will be asked to input a code they will be seeing on their screen (like a captcha to know it’s not a bot)

So I would like to know if it’s possible to get the Keypad input they enter for example *1 and then the code *123456 for example…

Thank you.

I don’t understand exactly what the ask is here, but I think you can do this with Dynamic Routes. Caller input can be stored so you can make an API call and get a result back.

I want to make like a survey. If user inputs on keypad #1 I will play an audio or ask something like; What’s your zip code, then they will input 92101 on keypad and I want to get 92101 to my zip code results… But I don’t know how to make it.

This is certainly doable and very flexible on the approach. You could record the answers to some variables using the read command in dialplan. Then call a script in your preferred programming language to write the variables to a database via AGI. We do this a lot for various applications.

Another option is to have the results mailed to you realtime. @dickson has built a few of these in the past. Here is an example.

You’ll need to do some reading and tinkering to figure things out yourself, or hire someone to develop it for you.

In 2021 I would do this with ARI, specifically probably using the node ari library. Then all input can be processed in any way the programming language allows. Database, email, display on a street sign, whatever

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