Record incoming call from moment of connection in FreePBX 15?

Can anyone help me figure out how to record an incoming call from the moment it hits the system? All instructions I found appear to be for older versions, and none of them will work.

Inbound calls hit a dynamic routes entry, and I need to be able to record the audio during that.

Make sure you have recording enabled on the inbound route, then in settings > advanced settings, set the below to “No”

(If you don’t see that setting, Set “Display Readonly Settings” and “Override Readonly Settings” to “Yes”)

Thank you, that’s what I found previously. I was running v14 and this setting didn’t appear. I upgraded to v15 and just kind of assumed it still wouldn’t be there, but it is! Everything’s working perfectly.

It is there in v14 as well.

Definitely wasn’t for me. Something was broken, seems the v15 upgrade repaired it.

You probably had these turned off.

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