Record an outgoing call originate by ring group

i need to record an outgoing call to an external number that originate from a ring group.
I have no problem with freepbx to record a call from an extension or a queue, but i haven’t found the way to record a call from ring group.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Probably lots of ways to do this, but the method I use(d) is by creating a “custom extension” and in the dial field where it says “This device uses custom technology” use this string:

Local/[email protected]

where the 5’s represent the DID of your external number. Enable call recording always and you are good to go. On my system it results in 2 recordings showing up in the call monitor, one is always 3sec. and the other is the actual recording. Two entries in the CDR too, one of 3 sec and the other is the full time. This was on an older Asterisk 1.4/FreePBX 2.6, so they may have fixed the double recording in later versions.


Thanks Lorne, it’s working perfectly!

Another question: where are logged date and time of a sip estension registration on a asterisk pbx?


RE: logging of extension registration times

On my system using Asterisk 1.8/FreePBX 2.8 in /var/log/asterisk/full there are lines that appear like this when an extension registers:

[2011-09-15 11:13:17] VERBOSE[31704] chan_sip.c: – Registered SIP ‘133’ at
[2011-09-15 11:13:17] NOTICE[31704] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘133’ is now Reachable. (100ms / 2000ms)



Ok,this work for the softphones. I need to control the initial work time of an call center operator, i do not have a badge reader. The operator has a physical voip phone (always registered). My idea: manually activate the IVR or force the operator to insert a code that i can found in the asterisk logs.
It’s possible?


There is the project described in this thread:
The project is old (from '09) but there is activity from this year that indicates it was still working. You don’t say what you have for a system, so I have no idea if it will work for you. Best to backup everything before you attempt an install.