Reconfigure Phones Via Command Line EPM

How can I reconfigure a phone that was provisioned by the EPM via either the linux or asterisk CLI?

In my environment, I have 6 FreePBX servers, using Digium D40 phones configured via the DPMA. I now have a need to configure a few Digium D50 phones using the EPM to take advantage of BLF functionality.

We have written some custom code, which pulls all of the extension information from our 6 FreePBX servers and builds a phonebook that we then assign via the DPMA. This process runs nightly, and if there are any changes (extension add/change/deletes) it rebuilds the phonebooks and reconfigures the phones.

I have found that I can assign the phonebook built by the DPMA (XML file) to the Digium D50 phones via EPM. I have no doubt that we can take a copy of the DPMA phonebook XML file, move it to the correct file system location with the correct name any time there are changes. What I don’t know how to do is rebuilding the configuration file within EPM and then reconfigure the phone as part of the batch process. Currently to reconfigure the phones configured through the DPMA we run /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "digium_phones reconfigure all” – Is there a similar function within the EPM?

Right after I posted I found that by running /usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “sip notify digium-check-cfg 7090” I could achieve what I was looking for.