Reconditioned Aastra 6731i and 6757i for sale

I have six 6731i and two 6757i’s The 67’s are factory refurb in box. The 31’s were out on a demo.

I will also include an 8 port HP POE switch to power them. (has two gig uplink ports).

$550 for the entire lot.

Please send me a PM if interested.


Ok, I guess I need to sweeten the pot, going on vacation next week.

I will setup the Aastra scripts on your FreePBX machine so the phones will auto provision for no charge.

Anyone interested at all? I am listening.

Scott, Your offer is too, too, too, too, too tempting patched appropriately I hope? :wink:

Show me da money <> I listed them on FleaBay

Does the battery still work on the 57CT? and with the PSU’s? Avid? is that an XML app that plays back on a 6739?

They are not CT’s. I just fixed the eBay listing.

The 57 has a power brick, the 31’s do not. That was why I included a free PoE switch for my FreePBX friends. Figured it was kinda turnkey.

What do you mean about avid, the XML scripts provide applications like visual voice mail, queue management, presence, directory etc.? They integrate with FreePBX. As dicko pointed out they are not secure and under no circumstances should be run on the public Internet.

Avid in my world is an industry standard , non-linear video Editing software, your “Top left” button said Avid, I was hoping I could watch next weeks episode of “The Disney show of your choice”, which would be quite feasable with “all the right bits” in place. Oh well I guess I’ll have to write it myself, maybe next week. :slight_smile:

I never noticed before, that is a stock photo. Of course I know AVID in that context. I am also a pro tools waves plugin junkie.

Link to fleabay posting?

Here you go!

This post says 2 57i’s and ebay says 1 ? which is correct?

I listed it on eBay with one 57i but I still have a few and I am sure we could come to terms. Feel free to PM me.