Recompile Asterisk to add SNMP support

Hello guys,

we have a Freepbx install on the lastest stable version on our company and now we want to add SNMP support to the instalation in order to make graphs and other stuff related to the phone system.

I read on the asterisk documentation that it needs to have compiled res_snmp support on Asterisk instalation, and, please correct me in case im wrong, the Asterisk included on the Freepbx distro have not enabled res_snmp support.

So, seems that we need to recompile the asterisk source code to enable res_snmp, I found the following manual:

Im quite worried about doing that because I don’t sure if the asterisk used on freepbx is vanila one or have any kind of patches, so I need some help and advices.

Many thanks!!!

Open a feature request and I will try and get it in the next version for you.