Recommended Solution for Remote Branch Survivability

I’m looking for anyone who can comment on a good solution for branch survivability. Currently running FreePBX with the DPMA module for Digium phones, but I need a way for my branches to call out if connection back to the main office is down. I was looking at some sort of Gateway device like the Sangoma Vega 50 maybe or similar. I would prefer this particular solution to proxy the phones registration while still allowing the functionality of the DPMA module and then in the event of communication issues allow the phones to re-register or failover to the device and call each other and call out via a hard line at the location. I may be way off track here. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Not sure if Digium phones with their apps can go through a proxy but you would need a SBA not a gateway. Sangoma has a nice SBA solution.

I guess I got confused on the difference of SBA and Gateway while viewing the Vega series. I thought “SBA” was a feature of the Gateway itself. Can you recommend a specific device? I really only need one FXO for an emergency line.

Do the Digium phones support an emergency proxy or just the one proxy?

I am not sure the SBC would help you out, that’s for outside clients registering in. A proxy would. All the phones would register to the proxy and it would connect to Asterisk. You have to be careful because a SIP proxy is not a media proxy so all media will still go direct between endpoints on the connection.

Any FXO box, even a little SPA can take a direct call from a phone.