Recommended Nic card for home setup?

I took the advice from my last post and am putting together a free pbx box with a 3GHz Athon 2x cpu.

Wondering what kind of NIC card I should get? I intend on running the main line through an ATA and into my analog phone network. Can I get by with a single nic card and the motherboard ethernet, or should I spring for a nice 2x NIC?

As a total aside…
I would also like to run a very lightweight IDS, so please advise if you think I can run both on the same box.


You should be able to get by with the mobo one. if you end up needing two, adding a second one is trivial.

VoIP uses little bandwidth; worst case is ~200 kbps per concurrent call in each direction. The motherboard NIC is more than adequate.

For your IDS, if you will be mirroring all network traffic to the machine and your internet connection is faster than 100 Mbps, you’ll need GbE. If the mobo doesn’t provide that, get an external NIC.

You’re probably not going to have very many concurrent calls on a home-based FPBX, so you’re unlikely to be troubled by nic throughput or bandwidth.

If you absolutely have to add a nic you really can’t go wrong with a controller based on the Intel chipset

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