Recommended FreePBX Training

We are an ISP in Idaho,currently using FreePBX as the phone system at our office.
We have also deployed a FreePBX phone system at a customer location. We would
like to deploy many more FreePBX systems to our customers, and want to start out on
the right foot. We would like to obtain some training so we can ensure that these
deployments will be a success. What cost effective training can you reccomend? I see
the OTTS training will be in Florida, New York, and Ohio this year. Does it ever come
closer to the western side of the US?

Thanks for your help,

Safelink Internet


I took the OTTS training when it was available here in the Twin Cities. Tony Lewis and Philippe Lindheimer did the training in a tag team effort, two great sources for FreePBX/Asterisk info. They have added much more content since I took the course several years ago. They have had special deals in the past where if you order some equipment before the training, you get it at a substantially reduced cost. I wish they would have done that back in the day when I took the class. Be prepared to be over whelmed with information being thrown at you. The class goes fast and they cover a lot of materiel in the time they have. They have great class materials to read as well, just take plenty of notes and you’ll do fine. Jay

Thanks for the info. It sounds like a great training. I look forward to being able to attend in the near future.