Recommended DTMF setting in Europe?

Hello everyone,

We have a FreePBX 15 + Asterisk 16 + OVH trunk install, combined with Yealink T4 series phones. Sometimes DTMF works (press 1 for this / press 2 for that); sometimes it just doesn’t and we need to modify the DTMF Type setting in the Yealinks to pick the one that would work, on a trial and error basis. Eventually, we always get it to work but this is a fastidious, never-ending process.

Is there a recommended combination of DTMF settings on FreePBX + Yealinks that would work across the board in Western Europe?


Generally, throughout the whole world, for SIP, the correct starting point is rfc4733 (sometimes known by the old name rfc2833). Every competent provide should support that.

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