Recommended cleanest way to generate outbound test calls

Good afternoon all - thinking I’d use the dialer application in FPBX, I discovered that it only accepts a single entry of a duplicate destination. Great for a true dialer app, not so great when trying to load-test something… So, this likely leaves me to having to script the outbound call.

What I need is basically to have the system make x number of calls out, then play a sound file, then transfer the call to another extension within Asterisk (probably an announcement file or something).

Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to script this? My thought is to put the scripting in one of the extended config sections (like Misc Apps, calling a custom destination), so all I should have to do is dial the feature code for the Misc App, and boom, it runs the script.

Call files would be where I’d start. That way, you aren’t “in” the PBX to start the test.

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