Recommended Asterisk version

I upgraded from FreePBX 6.12.65-31 to 10.13.66-6 this morning. We are still running Asterisk 11. Is it recommended to also upgrade to Asterisk 13? Want to stay relatively up-to-date but don’t have to be cutting edge. Aren’t missing anything that we are aware of now but don’t want the system to get behind. Better question may be - are there any reasons NOT to upgrade to 13?



Asterisk 11 still has a year or so before it goes to security patches only. Asterisk 13 has PJSIP which is the current supported SIP channel driver. If you have no need of PJSIP you can delay the upgrade but Asterisk 13 is not cutting edge, you may as well jump now.

Thanks Lorne!

That’s what I was thinking but wanted to see if anyone threw out any real pros or cons before I moved forward. I’m going to back up and upgrade tonight.