Recommended Asterisk Version for HA?


The main wiki page for HA shows:

“It’s recommended (but not required) that you install the Asterisk 11 distribution when running FreePBX High Availability.”

Is this still the case for FreePBX 13?

I have a FreePBX HA Appliance and in the process of upgrading from 6.12.65 to 10.13.66 and would like to switch to Asterisk 13 if everything is ok now… Also, should I switch before or after the upgrade?


No stay on Asterisk 11 at this time.

Thanks! I’ll stay with 11 for now then.

Is the official word still to stay on 11 or is it safe to move to 13? (ChanSIP)

My word is not official, but from my vantage in Sangoma support, we see very few issues with 13.10. My order of preference is: 13.10, 13.9.1 then 11.23.

Thanks for the info. What would be the process to switch? Maintenance mode, version switch both servers, remove from maintenance mode? Thanks.

(NM< XRob detailed in IRC)