Recommended Anti Virus

Hi there.

I am currently using FreePBX 15 along with a few older FreePBX 14 systems. We have CLAMAV installed onto all devices and I have attempted to do freshclam this morning and it fails to update the virus definitions as the software is out of date.

When I do yum update clamav it says there are no updates available. I have attempted to install clamav 0.103.5 following the steps on the clamav website, but this just installed the same version as I had previously. I cannot find a guide for ClamAV on SangomaLinux for any version above 0.102.x

What anti-virus do you use for FreePBX and if so, what versions?

I don’t think I would recommend installing antivirus software on a server other than one where users may post content, such as an e-mail server or a forum. FreePBX benefits much more from a firewall and intrusion detection system, which are provided by the built-in Firewall/IDS (fail2ban) module.

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