Recommendations on Cards, Phones, Resellers

This is our current setup:
Incomming Lines are analog from comcast:
1 is for fax
6 in hunt group with main number that is called
Total: 7

13 people 2 would be operators.

Calls would come in to auto message / options for extension / voice mail / then sent to operator’s phones. A query started for any calls not picked up by operators and displayed on all phones with wait time. + all standard Options from any PBX setup. CID, Voice mail, Forwarding, …

I have good computer for pbx server 2.3quad cord, ssd, 2gig ram, and switch with POE for the network and phones.

Item list:
11 phone
2 operator phones with extension panels


What card work best to config Freepbx? Also what phones would work best with this set up? I have been looking at some Aastra and Polycoms. Would any IP phones work ok with that card? Do you have to have ECO?

Plug - Play Preconfig Box
I have also been looking at the Aastralink 160 would this work for the layout that have. Their is no reviews for that I have found?

Depending on the price of the card these are not priced out out of range and could save me some time? Good / Bad? Do you know something that would work better and what phones would work with that system.

We are a small company and I am trying to make my dollars work hard for this project. I am looking to send 3500 maybe a little more depending if we need to jump to better equment

I have a good IT / networking background. This would be my fist phone system I am a little gun shy on what will play nice with each other. I havn’t found a lot of good info on it. If you can help out it would be very much aprechated.

I would also like recommendations on two resellers. Thanks again for you time.


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The first thing I would recommend is building a freepbx distro on a box and playing around with a soft phone and a cheap SIP trunk, I like the per minute trunks for testing since they are cheap. Then you can look at the menus and such and see what is included out of the box. Displaying wait times on phones would take some work.

I would say that my life got much easier when I dropped my analog line and ported my number to a sip trunk.

You should contact the Schmooze guys. They have a wonderful FreePBX appliance and I am sure they could hit that target price.

I have install freepbx few times and did a set up with Google voice. It’s for a business environment so it can’t be to flakey. I was hoping to run a test environment with a good card when I ran some of the preconfigured boxes. PBS have been round for a long time and I am not looking to do anything out side the box. So If I needed a higher end card for the required sound might be good path to go.

Got a quote from them he is calling me back on Monday.


Who are you working with?? Want to make sure he gives you good pricing.