Recommendation for current ATA's

(Adam Zucker) #1

Hey all, so recently our SPA-112 I had here have failed (won’t get DHCP address or allow access to web interface and won’t register to FreePBX using their previously configured extensions). Rather than buying another one as they are so old, whats the current recommendation for a single line ATA that supports T.38? Are the Obi (looks like Polycom bought them?) OBi300 and Grandstream HT801 still recommendations for single line ATA’s?

Has anyone got any recent experience to make a recommendation? I haven’t had to grab ATA’s in years and always was getting SPA-112’s but given their age I figured there has to be something newer?


I got one of those talking T.38 last month; so far so good.

(Adam Zucker) #3

Thanks! Was hoping to get at least one person to confirm!