Recognizing message waiting from telco?

Here’s an odd question. Can the Digium card/Asterisk software recognize the “message waiting” signal?

I’ve still got a voice mailbox at the telco and I turn my servers off at night to save hydro and $$. If someone calls my business in the night when the servers are off the telco takes the message. I have to call the telco every morning after I bring up the servers to see if there is anything in that mailbox. The other overlap occurs if I’m on the line (POTS line) and another call comes in, I have call waiting from the telco but if I don’t answer the second call it goes to the telco mailbox not the asterisk mailbox.

So… if I could detect when the telco is sending the message waiting signal I wonder if I could program the message waiting light on my phone to flash fast for a voicemail in the asterisk mailbox and slow to indicate a message in the telco mailbox.

It all hinges on whether I can detect that “message waiting signal”



and set up the rest to match the type of MWI your telco presents, it works for standard AT&T like lines, by default.

Thanks Dicko

I read almost the entire “Asterisk - the definitive guide” and don’t recall seeing any reference to this, I ask on this forum and get a reference in minutes - VERY much appreciated!


HeHe , maybe because Dahdi is NOT part of Asterisk ?