Recoding preview stopped working?

Somewhere along the way… (upgrading asterisk probably)… my browser based Recordings player stopped working… It could have been before but I didnt notice.

I have tried GSM file and SLN files.

In firefox they both look for a plugin that I cant seem to find. IN safari I get a 404 error!!!

Any ideas?


I have a similar problem.

When logging into Voicemail & Recordings (ARI) page and listening to a voicemail on Safari, I either get a 404 error or, more often, it downloads the voicemail. On other browsers, it plays the voicemail right inside the pop-up window.

For some reason Safari assumes I want to download the audio file. I can’t find any preferences in Safari that would change that behavior.

I am not sure why and welcome any input.

See ticket #2565. It explains the source of the problem and a fix. You can use the patch files or download audio.php, crypt.php, voicemail.module, recording_popup.php, and callmonitor.module files that are attached to that ticket to replace the existing files of the same name on your system.

thanks for the update sasargen. I updated the relevant files on my server. Unfortunately Safari still chooses to download the audio file (and launch iTunes) rather than play the voicemail within the popup window.

Any other ideas?