Réception d'appel

Bonjour, comment pourrais-je configurer une extension 2000 par exemple, de décrocher un appel sur un ou plusieurs poste IP. C’est à dire que l’appel sonne en même temps sur les deux postes (bureau et Dect)

chan_pjsip should handle this easily, see, for example, TIPS - Multiple endpoints on 1 pjsip extension | The VoIP-info Forum

If, for some reason you are stuck on chan_sip, you will need to create a ring group, and modify the caller IDs so that outgoing calls appear to come from the ring group.

How can I configured it



For Ring Groups:




Do you have a tuto or link ?

I’m assuming all the destinations are simple extensions, in FreePBX terms, otherwise a ring group is the only choice.

it’s for the boss, he’s two rooms so one ip phone for each room

he wants to take the call when the phones ring to any room

I’m going try this way

Create a PJSIP extension, under the advanced tab increase the max contacts to 2, then you’ll be able to register two devices with the same SIP credentials.

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