Recent Promotion that is actually Demotion

Seems something went haywire in the last 24 hours. I got notified I am now Trust Level 2 as a “Promotion” but I had Trust Level 4 before. Why the Demotion out of the blue and why disguise it as a Promotion? I am hoping this was just a glitch and it will be resolved after my 14 plus years of involvement in the FreePBX community.

@lgaetz Should of mentioned you in the original post here.

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Hi Tony

That’s almost certainly my fault. Previously your discourse account was locked at trust level 4. While I was doing some research for a similar ongoing issue for @adell4444’s trust level, I was looking at trust level settings for current and former moderators. In doing so, I removed the trust level lock which caused discourse to reclassify your account automatically based on your recent 100 days of forum participation.

For those not aware, Discourse manages user trust level based on many different metrics such as how many logins, how many read posts, how many likes given/received, etc. over a given time period. Each category has a threshold, and once your forum participation level goes above the thresholds in all categories, then Discourse promotes the account trust level automatically. I only recently learned through @adell4444 reports, that if your forum participation tapers off, then Discourse will automatically demote your trust levels as well. I have also learned that there is very little difference in account privileges between trust level 2 and the highest trust level 4.

I have restored your trust level back to 4 and I have reinstated the lock so it should remain there. My apologies for the error. If anyone is similarly affected, please ping directly and I will resolve.


@lgaetz thanks for that. I assumed it was a mistake or oversight or Discourse deciding to do something crazy that is does at times. Glad you were able to resolve it.

Are users normally informed of such demotions? I’ve received two Regular badges, which at the time seemed strange. I now realize that there was likely an intervening period during which I was ‘irregular’, but there was no notification.

I don’t know how trust level change notifications are done, if you always get one or only when it drops. I’ve never actually seen one until Tony provided the above screen cap. Perhaps @adell4444 can comment. The Regular badge doesn’t seem to have anything to do with trust level though.

No because that would cause the exact issue going on here now :slight_smile:

“Regular” is trust level 3

Trust level 4 is only done manually. No one can get there without a moderator. If you release the lock then the system will automatically demote them to the appropriate trust level. Thus if you ever set anyone to trust level 4 you need to lock them to that level

The badges link to levels as such:

  • Basic - Level 1
  • Member - Level 2
  • Regular - Level 3
  • Leader - Level 4

Non Trust Levels:

  • Moderator
  • Admin

Source: I literally set this up with @tonyclewis @jfinstrom @xrobau and @GameGamer43 and the discourse team

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Yeah I never received a notification - I just noticed that the badge next to my name disappeared and my profile had the “Member” trust level.

Thanks for the clarification @tm1000. This also explains the seemingly random behavior I’ve witnessed with flagged posts. Sometimes the flagged post is hidden until reviewed by a mod, and sometimes not. Whether it’s auto hidden depends on the trust level of both the poster and the flagger(s).

Also only moderators or admins can action on flags, other than what you stated above that happens automatically.

If a post is flagged the system alerts said user and user can go and edit the post and it will unhide the post (I don’t think it clears the flag). If it’s flagged again it will not allow an edit to unhide it until reviewed by a moderator.

Flag count also negatively affects trust level if not locked. If say you get to Trust level 3 and a flag against you is approved by a moderator or higher then that counts against you and you will be dropped to level 2

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