Recent install, can't dial anything when auto-attendant picks up

I’m providing IT support for a company who had thier office and servers installed by another technician who won’t return thier calls now. He installed everything down to X-lite soft phones on thier PC’s. They called me for help as I support one of thier partners and now I am dropped in the middle of supporting servers I am not familiar with. One of the most major issues they are having is that when you dial thier number, the auto-attendant picks up and it won’t accept any input to dial extensions, go to directory, go to general VM…

Anyone able to help me out with this while I go through all the docs here and see if I can figure it out?

that sounds like a dtmf detection issue. You don’t say how the calls come in. POTS, PRI, T1, SIP, etc… but check the dtmf setting on the trunk and change them.

For Zap you might need to add relaxdtmf=yes to the /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf

For sip dtmfmode=rfc2833 or inband are the common choices.

It’s set up on an IAX2 trunk. Via T1 I belive.