Receiving Faxes -> Email

Hi all,

I’m on FreePBX

I’m wondering what is required for us to receive faxes to a dedicated DID, and have it just email the fax to one or more people. I don’t want users to have to log in to get them. At this time, we don’t need to send faxes.

We currently have an extension to an ATA and have been using a Canon MF series to send/receive faxes, but the automatic emailing part of that setup hasn’t been working well. So, we may keep the Canon for sending faxes with the ATA and use FreePBX to receive and email if possible.

Do I just configure an Inbound Route? I saw where you can have it route to a Fax Recipient, but I don’t see how I can enter multiple email addresses.

I don’t think I need Fax Pro for this, right?

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