Receiving an error about PJSIP on the Asterisk CLI

Hello, I’ve just recently noticed today that all of my phones and SIP Trunks stop registering with FreePBX when I checked my asterisk cli I received this error
[2023-04-30 17:08:34] ERROR[2252]: res_pjsip.c:763 ast_sip_set_tpselector_from_transport_name: Unable to retrieve PJSIP transport ‘’
I am running FreePBX 16.0.40 and Asterisk 18.16.0.
Thanks, Joseph.

Is there anyone available to help me?

It seems like the UDP transport got broken.

What is the output of

asterisk -x"pjsip show transports"
asterisk -x"pjsip show transport"

Without finding a specific reason, in similar cases it was useful for me to disable one of the down-trunks, fwconsole reload and afterwards enable the trunk again, fwconsole reload. In addition I put a shell-script to a quarterly crontab sending me an e-mail once one of my trunks has gone down.

Hello, Heres the output.
[root@freepbx ~]# asterisk -x"pjsip show transports"
No objects found.

[root@freepbx ~]# asterisk -x"pjsip show transport"
Unable to find object

Have you modified any conf files?

I have modified extensions_custom.conf but I haven’t modified any other conf file.

What are the transports looking like in Settings → Asterisk SIP settings → SIP Settings chan_pjsip? Can you take a picture and post here to see if those are toggled on or off?

Try setting that udp transport to No, Submitting, Applying the configuration and then enabling it again to see if it’ll get recreated.

You could also try temporarily enabling one of the others like TCP or the WS and WSS transports to see if those would get created by running asterisk -x "pjsip show transports" again after going through the steps to re enable them.

I disabled and reenabled UDP and enabled TCP and I applied the configuration but it looks like it didn’t recreate it, I also tried rebooting my server but UDP is still down, I also tried this again. [root@freepbx ~]# asterisk -x"pjsip show transport"
Unable to find object

If you haven’t already, restart asterisk

fwconsole restart

I restarted Asterisk instead of rebooting my server this time, the UDP transport is still broken for some reason.

Post the output of

asterisk -rvvvvv
core reload


I’m gonna try to back up my PBX and do a reinstall to see if the problem goes away.

UPDATE: I tried to backup my PBX up to the new VM but it broke my entire PBX, I’m gonna have to do another install without the backup this time and start from scratch.

Hello everyone, I made a new install, and everything is working again!
Thanks for everyone’s help.

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