Receiving 2nd call when on phone, Aastra 6757i

I would like to set up something like:

. when user is on a phone call on registered 1st line.
. the ring group including the phone has incoming call.
. place 1st call on hold and answer the 2nd call.
. switch back and forth as needed to manage the two calls.

Ideally, I would like Line 2 on the phone to flash and be answered when pressed. Does this mean I have to create additional extensions or is there another way?

What is the best strategy for doing this with Asterisk / FreePBX?


Just register line 1 and subsequent incoming calls to the same extension will automatically roll over to line 2. Make sure DND is not enabled and make sure your ring group does not have ‘skip busy agents’ enabled.

Thanks. I will have to test again but the problem was that the second call did not ring line 2. I am set to ringall and default settings.

Make sure that “Call Waiting” is not disabled.

When a member of the ring group is on a call and a second call comes into the ring group, the non-busy phones ring, BLF buttons flash for ring group members but Line 2 of the in-use phones does not flash so that the 1st call can be placed on hold and the 2nd call can be answered. Is this a bug? How is it designed to work?

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