Received MDL/TEI message on PRI

I am running freepbx distro 4.211.64-9 witch 2x Sangoma A101 PRI card conected to E1 line.
Spec for E1 line from teleco (Netia - Poland):
E1 Line
Framing/Coding: CSS/HDB3 witch CRC4
Signalling: Pri - CPE
Switchtype: EuroISDN

I have no alarms on dahdi and spans are up, but after few sec I got message :
[2013-12-10 11:43:02] WARNING[2752]: sig_pri.c:7276 pri_dchannel: PRI Error on span 1: Received MDL/TEI managemement message, but configured for mode other than PTMP!

After trying make call i got message that span go down :

[2013-12-10 11:43:08] WARNING[2752]: sig_pri.c:1150 pri_find_dchan: Span 1: D-channel is down!

Teleco say that on client site was something look like logical loop.

On Freepbx distro 1.811.210.57-1 with this same card config everything works fine