Receive fax over fxo gateway

Hi people,

I have a FreePBX that receive faxes from an analog PBX, this works very well. Recently the FreePBX’s pci card died, so I have to replace it.

I don’t know if I have to use a PCI card with FXO modules or an ATA gateway with FXO ports. I think that use an ATA gateway is going to be more easy to configure, but I don’t know if this configuration has drawbacks.

does anyone have experience with this? Any tip you can give me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi jfinstrom,

Thanks for reply.

Would you say that ATA gateway is better than a PCI card with fxo modules?

Thanks in advance.

Generally Fax over SIP is kinda terrible. That said with an ATA on your LAN it will probably be OK. I would say go for it and if it works great if not I wouldnt spend more than an hour fighting it.

I think a PCI card with FXO modules might be better as you are not using a SIP trunk to communicate with it. Having said that I have used SIP to pass faxes to an ATA with a physical fax machine plugged in and it has worked fine as long as I stayed with ulaw or alaw as the codec. Anything will probably break it.

Hi leemason,

That was really helpful.