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I have an IVR for inbound calls and when I call someone that doesn’t answer, if he calls me back I would like the caller to skip IVR and redirect the call directly to my extension.
This would avoid someone else to pickup my call and ask the whole office who called the customer.

Is this possibile in some way?

Hello @Redmor,

I think that the simplest way would be to allocate a separate DID (phone number) for your extension.

You can also set a code to bypass the office outbound CID by adding on top of the outbound routes if you would like to set an outbound CID that is different from the office one.

Then add an inbound route for this DID that would be routed directly to your extension.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

That would only work with proper direct in dialling. People use the term DID in SIP even if they only have one number and may well only have a small number of numbers, just enough to cover functional areas.

I’m assuming the OP is using himself as an example and actually wants this to work for any outbound caller.

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