Reboot after update?

I am running Freepbx now. The system seems to go through weekly module updates, and I get an email that the updates will be installed, and also after they have been installed. The email usually ends with “All upgrades completed successfully!”.

The last few days I received a bunch of phone calls on my cell phone, which is configured as a failover system in case my phone system goes down. I rebooted the Asterisk server, and everything seems to be OK again.

I’d like to avoid this issue down the road, so I have a few questions:

  1. When the system got updated, do I have to “Apply Configuration” manually? The email seems to say I don’t.
  2. If I reboot the system, is the new configuration applied automatically?
  3. Can I set Asterisk of Freepbx to automatically reboot after updates were installed?
  4. If I use cron to reboot the server at night, will that apply any configuration changes on restart?

Thanks for your help.

Hi! Not necessary to reboot the server after updating modules, you could create a cronjob with “fwconsole reload” command if you want, but after updating modules you need to Apply or run fwconsole reload.

Bu if doing ‘deep’ with sip_chan or pjsip_chan changes you will need to fwconsole restart not fwconsole reload always not a bad idea if you can survive open channels being ‘dropped’

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I think the only configurations which needs a fwconsole restart is when changing transports, but maybe I’m wrong.

Thanks dicko !

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If you include ports, I would agree. but maybe I’m wrong also

Thanks for your replies. I had the same happening yesterday without any updates installed. Talking to my SIP provider to find out what happened, they told me that if there is an issue with connectivity (Internet feed drops), it is the responsibility of the phone system to re-register. I remember that I looked at my account on the provider site, and there was no active registration, but looking at the Asterisk dashboard in FreePBX, it told me that the trunk was “online”. I always took that as a sign that it was also registered. Is that not true?
Since this also happened without any updates, it could well be due to some short internet drop outs. Is there an issue with Asterisk or Freepbx not re-registering once it drops? How do I force the system to re-register?
I will try tonight to unplug the Ethernet cable from the phone system, then plug it back in to see what happens (can’t do that now…)

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