Realtime Queue Stats

Hi there, I have a client who would like to put a display on the wall of a 3 phone call center for a small doctors office that will display:

  1. Number of callers in the queue
  2. Number of agents servicing the queue
  3. Completed Calls
  4. Abandoned Calls
  5. Average Hold Time
  6. List of current callers still in the queue

The first thing I had thought of was the phone apps (which I know would not work on a display hanging on the wall) but thought maybe this would be an acceptable alternative. I ordered up a Sangoma phone got it all programmed to find out the data provided within phone apps is not updating in realtime.

Any suggestions of an easy way to accomplish this. I can get around wihtin FreePBX without problem however I am def no programmer.

About six months ago there was a flurry of posts about something like this. Someone had written a system to do this and had decided to no longer use it.

I really don’t remember much more about it than that, but if you search through the forum for real-time and queue, you should find it. Sorry - can’t be much more help than that.