Realtime CDR records

How can one remotely access the realtime CDR database records on FreePBX 12

Did you install webmin?

Webmin is not installed.

if you install you can see db and you can give permission to connect remotely.


Since this will be a production server, I’d prefer to use the CLI.

The data is mysql so either:-

mysql -u youruser -pyourpassword -D asteriskcdrdb -e “select * from cdr”


mysql -u youruser -pyourpassword -D asteriskcdrdb -e “select * from cel”

It is up to you to generate your own -e “expression”

Great, I can see the records in the both the tables from the CLI.
Are there any other server settings necessary to access this MySQL data from a PC within the same local network ?

No per-se “server settings”, if you want to use another mysql client you will need to set up a user/password that has the ACL to get to mysql. If you have an ssh client you can

ssh [email protected] -p portyouuse “mysql -u youruser -pyourpassword -D asteriskcdrdb -e ‘select * from cdr’”

You might want to set up a nopassword login using ssl keys for simplicity.

Thanks dicko, I get the following from the ssh client:
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘freepbxuser’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

Alternatively, how can I write the AsteriskNOW CDR records to an external MySQL database ?

in “advanced settings”,
Check “Remote CDR Database” section.

“Display Readonly Settings” must be “True” to see that section.

OK, I made the Remote CDR Database settings under “advanced settings”, but no records are being written to the empty CDR and CEL tables in the remote MySQL database.

Can you connect to the remote mysql server with those credentials from the asterisk box? If not you need to correct that.
Does that mysql instance have an asteriskcdrdb database with correct cdr and cel tables? If not you need to correct that also.

You could possibly start here:-

I can connect to the remote mysql server from the asterisk box, and view the CDR and CEL tables in the asteriskcdrdb database. The CDR and CEL tables were established by backing them up from FreePBX and restoring on the remote mysql server.