Really weird issue with Google Voice (Motif), think you can help?

I have been using Google Voice connected to a few linksys telephones for a long time now without a problem. Until four days ago, one of my google voice numbers is now “Disconnected”, I have several other Google Voice numbers still working fine with my setup and no one has touched anything. It is only one specific Google Voice number that is now “dIsconnected”.

Of course, I get the “All circuits are busy, please try again later” error message. Which is of no help.

Can anyone please help connect this number again? I’ve been trying to figure this out for about 2 days on my own because I feel like its a simple problem, but I just have not been able to solve it.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!!!

Google has made changes to XMPP, which resulted FreePBX motif module to stop supporting GV connections.

There’s an ongoing discussion on the community how to make GV working on a recompiled version of Asterisk with FreePBX installed.

Weren’t those changes made back in mid-June? How come I got hit so late with these problems?

Thanks for your reply, Pitzkey

I’m not clear how this is a FreePBX problem. Could you provide a log so we can see what’s happening when you try to connect.

Is this what you’re talking about? If not, ill try my best to help you help me.

This is the “disconnected” screen I was refering to

You have managed to remain connect to GV for over a month after they stopped supporting Motif.

Reboot your server and I suspect you’ll find that all of your numbers are now disconnected.

GV doesn’t support Motif any more. The fact that yours continued to work is a fluke. Expect the rest of your lines to fail on your next network outage.

Note that is is kind of cool that you are still connected - kudos for you and your ISP.

Just so we’re clear - you are living on a miracle and there is no easy way to get back. You can either get service through a regular ITSP or read through the threads of other people looking for GV Support here.

Wow! How lucky and unlucky.

I appreciate your help immensely Dave, I can’t thank you enough for clearing up this problem for me.

This may not be the correct place to ask this question but do you recommend any other services that can connect my GV numbers to my VoIP phones? Even if it’s not free, I don’t mind paying for a service because I need to get the lines back up asap.

My business is being hit hard by this.

Again, massive thanks to you and this forum community for helping me today!

Go look at because your best option is to get an account there, get at least one DID to forward your GV numbers to then port your numbers to them.

There are other ITSPs out there but Flowroute is solid.

Knowing where you are would help the discussion. SipStation (the Sangoma ITSP) is a choice. FlowRoute is a choice. Voip Innovations and Alcazar Network are all choices, but the last two are only choices in North America (and maybe Mexico???).

If you are in some other locale, there are probably local choices that you could get help with here.