Really struggling with dailpan

hi i have setup the server and incoming calls are working fine,
i have make an account with and created a trunk on server, and has registered successfully. my trunk config

and my outbound routes config

i just want a simple dial plan for UK numbers and mobile numbers UK landline number e.g. 01434 603412
UK mobile number e.g 07760456238

this dail plan works, but most of the time my outgoing number is unknown or shows nothing an sometime deletes the 0 and +1.

on site i have added a called id number that matches my incoming DID.

just cant get my head round this lol



your trunk settings should look more like this;


also make sure you have the “register String” filled in. it should be in teh following format;

USERNAME:[email protected]HOST/*USERNAME

as for the outbound route. it should look something like this;

(44 ) + 0 | XXXXXXXXXX

(4401234) + | XXXXXX

(substitute 4401234 with you local area code)

on reflection. you could just create an outbound route like this:

( ) + | .

this would catch any call and send it to the trunk. you would then just have to set up outgoing rules on the trunk as above:

(44 ) + 0 | XXXXXXXXXX

(4401234) + | XXXXXX

( ) + | .

(substitute 4401234 with you local area code)

hope this helps!

i have added what you say. just seems to be working the same way, when for example i ring my mobile the number that shows is calling is either unknown or +14343991, my DID number is 014343991

not very usefully as you couldn’t redial that as a missed call

have you set an outbound CID on the extension?

tried with and without still sometimes CID is unknown or has stripped 0 and added +1