Really Liking the System So Far

I just wanted to chime in and tell the community how much I like this system. We are almost ready for full deployment at the moment (we haven’t set up the SIP trunks yet since I’m still configuring things) but so far so good.

For those looking for some solutions…here’s the things I ran into.

  1. Be sure that if you set up VLANs that the server is on the same network or your phones won’t provision correctly. ONce I tossed the auto VOIP stuff that my switches wanted to do and the vlan for the phones all started provisioning correctly.

  2. Do your homework. Be sure that the phones you get are at least supported. They may not be tested but you want ones that are listed as supported.

  3. If you have phones on a separate subnet…you will have to manually configure the individual phones with the HTTP provisioning server and port. Once that’s done…all should work. Here we have Aastra refurbished phones (purchased with cost in mind @ roughly $35/phone). My remote sites only have 8 extensions total so loggin into them to configure this one thing isn’t a big deal.

  4. Test, test, and retest before you deploy. The system has the ability to simulate an incoming call so you can test your call paths and IVRs before deploying. If they’re not right…you want to know BEFORE you’re live with the system.

That’s it for now. I hope this post helps someone that’s looking for some answers. Also thanks to everyone that helped get things to where they are. It couldn’t have been accomplished without your help.


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