Realization of "please enter the number followed by a pound key" in IVR

hi all,
please advise:
how dialplan is written in this case, the code below is being ignored, and hung up is working instead?

exten=>XXXXXXXXXXXX,readdigits,Read(digits, ,12) // here, Asterisk should seize the digits 
exten=>XXXXXXXXXXXX,n,Background(${home}/ivrtabrik6) // here, the message: "the number to send is:"
exten=>_XXXXXXXXXXXX,n,Saydigits(${digits})// here, Asterisk should tell what tel number is for sending the congratulation
exten=>XXXXXXXXXXXX,n,Background(${home}/ivrtabrik7)here, the message"press one to send, press 2 to go to main menu"

You don’t have a priority on the first line and some lines have an _ and some do not. A call trace would also be helpful.