Reading /etc/asterisk/.conf files into freepbx.2x(new)


I have astersisk running on Ubuntu, working with my original .conf files. However, when I load freepbx, the .confs are not read and stored, and freepbx writes out new ones (or blank records) from mysql.

If I kill amportal, copy the .confs back (from a safe area) and restart asterisk… things work just fine.

I can make changes in freepbx, write them out, and add a phone for example.

I like everyone would like to avoid recreating all the configs (if possible).

I tried ‘sip reload’… it read in the files, freepbx didn’t see the extentions on the portal.

Not brain dead, just frazzled.


well you need to stop and entert all the data in the GUI
Freepbx PULS the data from the database
the conf files do not PUT in the database U must enter it.