Reading and writing to asterisk DB

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I have a user that is not an admin, that wants to be able to control the queue for his department, I have written some vbs scripts in the past to read different asterisk and the asteriskcdrdb databases, with great success, but I’ve never written to those DB’s before. I’m pretty good with MS SQL and I’ve learned a lot since writing those scripts with mysql. My question is should I write an HTA so he can modify the members of the queue, or is there another way to accomplish this without giving him Admin access to the PBX? I’ve written about half of this HTA, and what I have found is removing someone from a queus isn’t hard, however adding them to the queue is causing some issues, the flags column for instance…LOL oh, this is not going to be fun unless you guys have some other way?


It seems like FOP2 for $40 would be a good investment here.

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maybe thanks for the suggestion, I had never heard of that… :slight_smile:

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Just in case anyone wants to know how to do this, here is what I ended up writing…

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