Read & Send SMS Message from Command Line (CLI)

Installed FreePBX 16 with SIPSTATION. I have confirmed that one of my extensions can send and received SMS messages through the UCP, however I am looking to automate the SMS process.

Does anyone know if asterisk, or FreePBX has a command that will do the following from either the asterisk CLI or a FreePBX program / script?

  1. Send an SMS message from a specific number
  2. Another (or same) command that will read SMS messages received from a specific number.

Thank you in advance,

Not it doesn’t. You would need to write this.

There is a very new SMS webhook feature, details are here: SMS Webhook - PBX GUI - Documentation

I demo’d this at the Open Source Lounge the other night with inbound SMS messages to FreePBX being shared on twitter. The script I used is here: sms2twitter.php · GitHub

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