Reach by extension during closed hours


I have time condition with time group and the users want to access extensions for folks that are in the office before the day start or who stay late.

before i set up time condition that goes to IVR if time matches and CLOSED announcement when it doesn’t.

Since only IVR accepts dialing by extension while it’s playing (is this correct?) I’ve decided to set up CLOSED IVR which basically plays our CLOSED announcement and users are able to choose ext and get through to the person that’s still in the office.

In the CLOSED IVR setup everything is set to 0 and invalid/timeout retries are set to disabled.
However after the IVR ends playing I hear default announcement “Sorry for your trouble. Goodbye”.

Is there any way to eliminate that or a better workaround for what i’m trying to achieve ?


Look at DISA, maybe that would suit you better with some small amount of security added.

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thanks dicko. ill check it out tom and report back if it suits us better.

I believe you can make a directory a destination and include a recording.

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I would try creating an announcement with no recording that routes to terminate call > hangup, and then set that announcement as the timeout destination in your IVR.

Even easier:

Change invalid and timeout retries from Disabled to 0, then set the invalid/timeout recording to none, and the destination for each to terminate calls > hangup.

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thanks for the suggestions guys, AdHominem your 2nd method did the trick ! Thanks

ybc: Am I correct that what you are doing is routing all calls after-hours to a recording, and then a hangup? If so, I know nothing about your business, but you may want to consider providing the option to leave a message to be returned on the next business day. I know that I would be annoyed if I called a company after-hours and was not able to leave a message!

rymes: it was administrative decision which i had to implement. we had vm option before but the company found itself in listening to hundreds of messages after long weekend which was taking away from their daily responsibilities. they haven’t had any complaints about the way we doing the business.