Re Using Digium card in PC

I have installed a PCI Asterisk card in a computer to test out how Asterisk works. Will Free PBX work with and Asterisk card inside a computer.

I have configured the box via SSH and accessed the configuration pages via the IP I allocated, plugged the PSTN line and phone … and I have no dial tone. Not sure what to do next however I guess its all in the configuation.

Can any one tell me if this configuation will work ?


You did not tell us what model of Digium card you are using or what version of FreePBX. Is it a real Digium card?

Most if not all of the real Digium cards will work. If you installed a FreePBX distro you can install the DAHDI module to configure the card.

Im using AsteriskNOW with FreePBX 3.0.0 using a X400P-22 Asterisk card with 2 FXS+2FXO modules

I was told:
maybe you did not config the zap ext. (does any one know the yum command for this. … install drivers, creat ZAP extensions …

I bought card from china, the supplier not much help with software … I have asked … alternatively does any one know a PCI card I can buy with software support so I can get it working


You get what you pay for but all of those Tiger Jet chipset PCI cards are clones of the original Digium 400 and work with stock DAHDI.

Just install DAHDI module from module admin in FreePBX and configure the card.

Documentation on FreePBX DAHDI is in our wiki.

DAHDI documentation in general on Digium site.

This is the first time for me setting Asterisk up … I’m open to using other cards
I want to use these systems in multiple places and enhance the features … I dont mind paying for assistance

So what R my options ?

If you are open to using different hardware as you say then I would recommend an actual Digium card which comes with installation support and a 5 year warranty.