Re-Use PCI Cards in New Server - Solutions?

Good evening. I haev two Sangoma A400 PCI cards with Remora’s… I’m about to move to a new server, Likely a Poweredge 320 or 420. Are any of you aware of Risers that will allow these cards to work in a R420 with PCIe Slots? I don’t think the Budget is going to Allow two new PCIe cards.

I’m thinking the best way to use these cards may just be build a second server for all the analog extensions.

Any thoughts?

I think you can reuse everything but the base card.

You can’t adapt the card, sorry.

That’s what I’ve found. I guess the most prudent thing to do would just be drop a gran for 2 new base cards and try and sell the others on ebay.

I didn’t know they were that much. The two machines sounds like adding a failure point to me. If you were doing failover I would say to sell them and get an external gateway as Asterisk and those cards is an awful lot of overhead.

A Cisco 2800 series router and a quad FXO card is under $500 on eBay, each additional quad card is under $200. Those FXO ports originally listed for about 2 grand and are as good a quality as you can get. The call routing, digit manipulation and failover abilities are nirvana compared to Asterisk.