Re: Trac 6527 (framework menubar scrolling)

If I may offer feedback on Trac issue 6527, which added

max-height: 425; overflow: scroll

to mainstyle.css for .menubar .ui-menu elements. This change has forced unneeded scroll bars, both horizontal and vertical, for all menu dropdowns, regardless of the size of the actual menu dropdown content. This looks fairly ugly for anyone using normal sized screens to view the admin panel.

A “more correct” setting to use would be “overflow: auto”, which only puts a vertical scroll bar on the Applications menu, the only menu that exceeds the arbitrarily set 425 px limit. It does not, however, eliminate the issue that for me personally, and I suspect for the vast majority of users, any scroll bar at all on menus is unnecessary. It might be beneficial to make this some sort of configurable option that those who truly need it can enable.

Thank you for your consideration.

Appreciate your suggestions and I went ahead and checked in the change so that the next time we roll a framework, overflow will be set to auto. We actually made this change as a result of people with lower resolutions having issues where the menu was being cut off. I know this is something we want to look at again after 2.11 is released as we begin work on 2.12.

Also just to note, feel free to comment on trac tickets when you have feedback pertaining to a particular issue.

Adding auto to overflow will change the width available for the menu item. There are a few solutions to this.

The first would be to just add overflow-y:scroll so the bars are only the sides.

The second would be to use jquery to add the max-height and overflow property to the item if it detects the screen width to be under a size. This way them menu would only change if it is needed.

I commented on your comments in the trac ticket.


Thanks for the response. I wasn’t sure that it was appropriate to comment on a closed ticket, so I brought it here. In future, I will use Trac.