After a brief search I wasn’t able to find any info on re-branding freePBX. I would like to install the software at a customers site, but would like to add my branding. I’m assuming there is a .CSS file somewhere that can be altered??

Also I’m also assuming freePBX will still need to be credited somewhere in the new branding.

Look in /etc/amportal.conf for AMPADMINLOGO. This allows you to specify what logo to use in the top right corner.

There are css files, but changes are somewhat limited. Most changes will need to be done in the individual php files.

For the most part, if you want to rebrand it, you’re gonna be on your own. Keep in mind that any time you update a module, the corresponding files will be overwritten and you will lose branding for that page (possibly even breaking it). The developers of FreePBX are great about releasing updates and fixes often which would make it even more time consuming to keep up with.