Re-apply updates?

While applying 70+ updates which was basically a 2.10 to 2.11 upgrade, the browser froze. Not sure what happened but after waiting quite awhile I finally killed and relaunched the browser and logged back in. The red “Apply” button was lit so I clicked it. All “seems” to be OK except for glancing down the list of module versions I still see a lot of versions. I do not have the warm fuzzies that all of the updates applied properly. Is there a way to re-apply all the latest versions? Trip a flag somewhere to make it think it is 2.10.0 or something and redownload/install ?

They didn’t update a lot of the module versions to 2.11. Normal to see some 2.10 this time around.

is it necessary to apply updates regularly? I now have 40+ modules that need updating. I get nervous fixing something that “ain’t broke”.

There is change log under each module. Just read it and make your choices

so what is best practice? to update all modules “wily-nilly”? again, I am inclined to not update any unless it is necessary.