We are deploying a 10xFXO + 20xExtension PBX system which will be very busy and wondering if we should go for RC1 or Stable.
Is RC1 stable enough for production environment ?

Anybody have any experience regarding RC1 ?

I am using rc1 now. we are in testing phase, soon production with about 80 extensions. I have run into several issues, but non have affected call quality or availability. I am sure they would tell you to only deploy stable in production, but I have not regretted the track I am on.


As a rule I keep using the last stable if a new one has appeared in case that new bugs pop up.
After six months or so I start using the new stable after downloading the latest iso.
I suggest to use the stable.

We are very close to stable. The big count is pretty low. That said mass adoption will likely expose more bugs from a wider dataset. The official recommendation would be go stable as you can upgrade later.