Raspbx Asterisk 11 to 13 upgrade

I was hoping to upgrade my Asterisk 11 to 13 using the commands posted here: http://www.raspberry-asterisk.org/faq/#asterisk13. Unfortunately when following these commands only 1 out of 5 trunks seems to connect. Also phones are not registering. So I guess something is wrong. I was able to roll back (apt-get purge asterisk13 and apt-get install asterisk11) after which everything works fine again, but I’d still would like to upgrade to be able “Call Event Logging”.

Did anyone manage to perform this upgrade succesfully?

No one?

I can’t help you with your RasPBX issue, but if you don’t find a solution, the following will let you build any valid combination of FreePBX (2.11/12/13) + Asterisk (11/12/13/14) on a Raspberry PI:


When all else fails I may look into that, but for now I’m not looking for a complete re-install.