RasPBX Advanced Settings Page Blank

Hello -

I have recently installed RasPBX (FreePBX 13) and in the admin console under ‘Advanced Settings’ i have the usual warning messages at the top about using caution, but then the page is blank beneath:

After installation i updated some modules via the GUI, before running raspbx_upgrade.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can remedy?



You need to wait for the page to fully render.

Thanks Andrew

I have tried waiting for approx 3 minutes to see if it eventually loads - sadly nothing.

All other pages in the GUI load relatively quickly (for a pi)

Is the ‘advanced settings’ page a module itself? Perhaps there is an issue with it on my install.

It’s part of Core. I’m sure the code is there. Try a different browser.

EDIT: Just to wrap this up - update to Core 13.0.113 resolved my issue.

I believe the situation arose somewhere between updating modules through the GUI, having not done an initial raspbx-upgrade through the CLI of the pi.

Thank you Andrew :slight_smile: