Rare Issue: Queue with External Phone Numbers


We have a queue where internal users can log in with their extension and external users can log in with a 10 digit phone number.

Ring strategy: Linear
Agent timeout: 30 seconds
Queue timeout: Unlimited
Call confirmation: Enabled

Everything works fine, expect:

Agent 1 answers the call 20-25 seconds in, but presses 1 after 30 seconds. The queue is already calling Agent 2 at that point. What happens is, that as soon as Agent 1 pressed 1, the ANSWER_STATUS variable gets cleared and plays then the agent hears the too-late greeting since the call is already by Agent 2.

Now, since this variable was cleared. Every agent that presses 1 will get the too-late message even they pressed 1 10 seconds in… Because the dialplan checks the value of that variable, and if it is empty it will send the call to the too-late extension.

I am wondering if anyone ever came across this?


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