Rapid dial list

We have 2 D80 phones that are not pulling the rapid dial list from the phonebook in freepbx. They worked here locally, but when we shipped them to our branch, they no longer pull them. Also, One of them tries to dial out as soon as you press button 1, 2 or 3. Any ideas?

Phone’s either being told to pull from an address it can’t reach, or it’s being fed a config that doesn’t specify a file to pull for the network it finds itself on, or it’s being fed an invalid file. If the off-hook dialing is behaving like that, then you’d want to look at the digit mapping being sent to the phone.

Man I am not sure how to check any of that, any suggestions?

If the information you are looking for isn’t in the /var/log/asterisk/full file, you could always turn on SIP DEBUG (or PJSIP debugging) and watch the call as it progresses. Since this is actually part of the “provisioning” of the phone, I’d expect to see messages going by in the full log file. It the requests are coming in through TFTP (I don’t know, I don’t have one of these) then the file pull requests will be coming in through /var/log/messages.

Where are the digit mapping settings?

For most phones, digit mapping (or possibly “dial plan”) is stored in the file archive you are pulling the configuration from. We don’t know what protocol you are using, nor do we know where your system is configured to pull from.

If you aren’t pulling anything (your local option 66 isn’t set up correctly) the phone should just use whatever is in the phone’s internal file system.

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